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white fused alumina abrasive sand for YFJ-W grinding machine

  • Specification: 16# 24# 36# 46# 60# 80#
  • 100# 120# 150# 180# 220#
  • 320#
  • Product description: white corundum abrasives ,white fused alumina abrasive

White fused alumina abrasive sand for YFJ-W grinding machine

FUNCTIONS of white corundum abrasives

White corundum abrasives are suitable for surface beautification treatment of various high-end products, processes or hardware and other products. After sandblasting, the surface is white and free of any impurities, eliminating cleaning troubles.

Fine white corundum can be used as the first of polishing and grinding.

It can also be used as various product additives. It can be used for fixing and coating abrasives, wet or dry or spraying sand, suitable for ultra-fine grinding and polishing in the crystal, electronics industry, and making advanced refractory materials. It is suitable for processing hard and tensile materials such as hardened steel, alloy steel, high-speed steel and high-carbon steel.

It can also be used for touch media, insulators and precision casting sand. Iron workpiece rusting, decontamination and oxidation skin removal, increasing coating adhesion; aluminum workpiece oxidation skin, surface strengthening, lighting effect; copper workpiece oxidation skin matte effect, glass products crystal frosting, engraving pattern plastic products matte effect, denim and other special fabric plush processing and effect patterns.


1. Surface processing:

Metal oxide layer, carbide black skin, metal or non-metallic surface rust removal, such as gravity die-casting mold removal, removal of oxide or shape remover of rubber mold, black spots on ceramic surface, uranium color removal, and painting rebirth.

2. Beautification processing:

Extinction or fog treatment of various gold, K gold jewelry, precious metal products, non-metallic fog processing such as crystals, glass, corrugated and acrylic, and the processing that can make the surface of the processed products metallic luster.

3. Etching processing:

Etching artists such as jade, crystal, agate, semi-gemstones, seals, elegant stones, antiques, marble tombstones, ceramics, wood, bamboo chips, etc.

4. Pretreatment processing:

Teflon, PU, rubber, plastic coating, roller, electroplating, metal spray welding, titanium plating, etc., which increases the adhesion of the surface.

5. Edge processing:

Wool edge removal of bakelite, plastic, zinc, aluminum die castings, electronic parts, magnetic cores, etc.

6. Stress elimination processing:

Parts of aerospace, national defense, precision industry, rust removal, paint removal, refurbishment, etc.

7. To be used as abrasive materials for Dory Machinery YFJ-W1200 and YFJ-W1800 valve grinding machine.


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