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Dory Team

Yinhe Hu has worked in the valve testing industries since 1980s  after graduation from school , with the influence of his father Liying Hu,( The main founder & designer of Valve test bench in Yongjia Hydraulic station department), Throughout his career , he is focused in valve testing & inspection equipments developing , from the manufacturing, designing, engineering, product management , sales and marketing, all of those positions he gained more than 20 years experiences, in 2009 He built his own Valve test bench factory (Dory Machinery) in Yongjia,Wenzhou,China, Dory machinery specialize in testing equipments for industrial valves and pumps for the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and any other domestic and overseas application where valves to be used.

Zhaozhi Hu, Son of Yinhe Hu, Engineer, 17 years experiences in valve test bench designing, developing and manufacturing after Graduated from Mechanical University.Take charge all of the engineering, servicing.

Kerui Zhu ,Engineer of Dory Machinery since established, he has been providing technical supports as well as working as a door to door training and commissioning services for the valve test equipments and valve grinding machines. He is well rounded and skilled for any aspect of the test machine design, he was one of the former staff for Yongjia Hydraulic station factory in 1980S.

Bitong Yu ( English Name Kyle Yu), International sales of Dory machinery since established, Take charge of the overseas orders, global market promotion as well as the translation jobs of door to door services, has been to South Africa, Korea,Singapore,Bangladesh,Saudi Arabia, Philippine tec for machine installation and commissioning.

Shudan Yu  ( English Name Ivy Yu), Sales Director of Dory machinery since established, 15 years in the valve,valve testing and grinding field, used to work as sales manager in the Wenzhou Valve company after graduated from University, then joined the American GWC valve company China office, coordinated all of the Chinese orders and quality control documents, In 2009 Mr Yinhe Hu asked Ivy to invest the Dory and took care all of the overseas orders and made the global sales plan, Has been to the Valve World Show in Dusseldorf in 2014. From last 15 years Ivy has been to America, France, Germany,Italy,Nertherland,Spain,Malaysia,Japan,Indonesia,Saudi Arabia,India,Singapore,Phippine,Thailand etc for customer visiting and machine commissioning.

Xinzhu Yu,( Tom Yu)  Domestic Sales Manager & the company share holder of Dory Machinery,16 years sales  experiences of valve test bench, valve grinding machine,Total solution for the valve testing and grinding for the valve factory, offer onsite training & commissioning services in and out of China.  Tom is also the General Manager of  Caminix CNC Machinery ( Zhejiang)Co.,Ltd, Which is manufacturing the CNC type ball valve grinding machine and turning machine.It is one of the sister company of Dory Machinery. 


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