Sister Company

Yongjia Dory Machinery Co.,Ltd is the company that manufacture the Valve test bench and valve grinding machines. We have two sister companies with close affiliations to Dory Machinery with a separate name but with same board of directors,targeting slightly different markets and operating in different regions to provide complete solutions to the customers. 

Code Number  Sister Company Name  Address Main Products 

Wenzhou Caminix Import and Export Co.,Ltd 

Yang'er Road,Oubei Sub-district,Yongjia,Wenzhou,Zhejiang,China 

Handling all of the export and inports businesses for Dory Machinery



Caminix CNC Machinery(Zhejiang)Co.,Ltd 

Building 38, 1st Xu'an Industrial Park,Gaohu Town,Qingtian,Lishui city,Zhejiang,China 

CNC Ball Valve Grinding Machine, Ball Valve turning Machine, Vertical Machining Center, Horizontal Machining Center 


Contact: Ivy Yu

Phone: 86-13757734757

Tel: 86-577-67962253


Add: Heyu Industrial Zone,Dongcheng,Yongjia,Zhejiang,China