YFJ-W Valve Grinding Machine

  • W200 Safety Valve Grinding Machine DN25-DN200
W200 Safety Valve Grinding Machine DN25-DN200

W200 Safety Valve Grinding Machine DN25-DN200

  • Safety Valve Disc and Seat Grinding
  • DN25-DN200
  • Electrical Type
  • Grinding Disc :300mm
  • Product description: W200 Safety Valve Grinding Machine DN25-DN200

W200 Safety Valve Grinding Machine DN25-DN200

Brief Introduction of Safety Valve Grinding Machine

The fully automatic dynamic grinding machine for safety valves is suitable for grinding the seats and discs of various flat surface metal sealing safety valves.

Equipment characteristics

1. Desktop structure, beautiful and generous appearance, stable and durable.

2. Simple operation and high grinding efficiency.

3. Two station grinding is divided into two parts: valve seat grinding and valve disc grinding.

4. After setting the working parameters, there is no need for operators to be on duty during the grinding process.

5. Valve seat grinding and valve disc grinding can work independently at the same time.

6. The valve seat grinding adopts the valve seat rotation method, and the positive and negative rotation can be set.

7. The grinding head and the mechanical arm can move up and down, left and right at will.

8. The positive and negative rotation of the valve disc grinding plate can be set, and the valve disc moves on the grinding plate. With the grinding baffle, the movement trajectory can be adjusted, and multiple small valve discs can be ground simultaneously.

9. The grinding motor adopts a servo motor and a stepless speed controller. The grinding speed can be set within a range.

Technical parameters

Rough grinding disc diameter


Fine grinding disc diameter


Safety Valve Grinding diameter


(larger size can be customized if necessary)

Grinding station

Dual station

Grinding paste

200 400 600 800 2000

Power supply

AC220V, 50HZ

Minimum grinding height


Speed regulation range


Workpiece thickness deviation

± 0.05mm

Grinding roughness of workpiece


Workpiece parallelism


Machine Dimension

1600*800*1600 (mm)

Net Weight


Safety Valve Grinding Machine

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