YFJ-W Valve Grinding Machine

  • Wedge Gate Valve Lapping Machine
Wedge Gate Valve Lapping Machine

Wedge Gate Valve Lapping Machine

  • Product description: Wedge Gate Valve Lapping Machine

Wedge Gate Valve Lapping Machine

The WG type valve body grinding machine is designed to grind the gate valve globe valve check valve seat grinding , The machine is made up of mechanical system,hydraulic ststem,electrical control system and cooling water recycling system. It has wide grinding scope and easy simple operation. The grinding disc speed can be adjusted, the hydraulic cylinder can make the work table 0-6 tilting degree adjustable, The hydraulic cylinder can clamp and release the grinding valves, the beam can be 90 degree rotation and manual lock for easy valve loading, The grinding disc and rotation connection is soft connection, remove the machine assembling and process tolerance.

Item  Specification 
Model Name  YFJ-WG500
Valve Diameter to be grinded DN50-DN500 2''-20''
Valve Types Flat face Gate valve,Globe Valve
Roughness after grinding Ra 0.8
Spindle Speed 15-150 rpm adjustable 
Torque  100 N.M 
Arm Lifting Range  750mm
Hydraulic Vertical Column Clamping Manual Thread Clamping
Spindle center line to Vertical Column Distance 790mm
Spindle Range  750mm
Work Table Adjjustable Angle 0-6 degree
Max Grinding Length 950mm
Motor  1.1 KW 
Dimension  1800*1700*2800    1500KGS 

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