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  • Valve Open and Shut Torque Test Bench Torque Testing Equipments
Valve Open and Shut Torque Test Bench Torque Testing Equipments

Valve Open and Shut Torque Test Bench Torque Testing Equipments

  • Size Range DN50-DN300
  • Test: Torque
  • Valve: Gate Ball Valves
  • Class 150-class600
  • Product description: Valve Open and Shut Torque Test Bench

Valve Open and Shut Torque Test Bench

Torque Test Features and Performance:

Purpose of Torque Device

This "valve opening and closing torque continuous test device" is used for ball valve, plug valve, gate valve or globe valve, torque test when gate valve is opened or closed during pressure test on hydraulic Valve test bench (including dynamic torque real-time during opening and closing process) curve).

2. Technical requirements and performance parameters

1. Rated torque of CMX-NJ-200 torque sensor: 8000N.m.

CMX-NJ-500 torque sensor rated torque: 40000N.m.

2. The test device can measure the opening and closing torque of the corresponding specification ball valve within the torque range and the dynamic torque during the opening and closing process;

3. The mechanical part of the "valve opening and closing torque continuous testing device" is composed of the measurement and control display system, and the connection between the two parts should be convenient and fast.

4. The test device should be able to display and control the torque value of any opening position during the valve torque test process, and the maximum test torque force should be displayed on the print form, and can output and print (the curve corresponding to the valve opening position and the torque value).

The valve torque test system consists of two parts: signal adapter and software, with torque sensor, angle sensor, pressure transmitter and torque display instrument, angle

Display instrument and pressure display instrument collect and display torque, angle and pressure signals during valve operation on site.

(1) It can collect, process, display and store torque, angle and pressure values in real time.

(2) It can set the range, upper and lower limits of torque, angle and pressure measurement parameters, and the alarm value can be set arbitrarily.

(3) The test data and test curves can be automatically and continuously stored or manually stored according to the user's wishes

(4) It has a memory function for the settings of various parameters, only need to input it once.

(5), with historical data, curve playback function.

(6) The test data and curve can be exported, the test report can be designed by oneself, and the test data, curve and report can be printed through the printer.

(7) The entire function of the system has dual operations of menu and shortcut keys.

(8), running in WINDOWS environment, the interface is vivid and beautiful.

(9) The operation is simple and the maintenance is convenient.


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