YFJ-SG Screw Type Valve Test Bench

  • YFJ-SG400 Screw Type Gate Valve Testing Bench
YFJ-SG400 Screw Type Gate Valve Testing Bench

YFJ-SG400 Screw Type Gate Valve Testing Bench

  • Valve Types: Gate/Globe/Check/Ball/Plug Valves etc
  • Size Range: 3''-16'' DN80-DN400
  • Pressure Range: Class 150-Class1500
  • Valve End Type: Flanged RF/RTJ
  • Product description: Equiped with Low Pressure Pump/High Pressure Pump Screw type , without hydraulic system

YFJ-SG400 Screw Type Valve Testing Bench

(3’’-16’’ DN80-DN400)

DN INCH Nominal Pressure Testing Pressure ( By Water)
DN80 3'' 25-160Bar  Class150-Class900 25-240Bar
DN100 4'' 25-160Bar  Class150-Class900
DN125 5'' 25-160Bar  Class150-Class900
DN150 6'' 25-160Bar  Class150-Class900
DN200 8'' 25-160Bar  Class150-Class900
DN250 10'' 25-160Bar  Class150-Class900
DN300 12'' 25-160Bar  Class150-Class900
DN350 14'' 25-160Bar  Class150-Class900
DN400 16'' 25-160Bar  Class150-Class900

Max Clamping Force: 600 Ton

Distance between the two rods: 900mm

Screw Travel Range: 1200mm

Distance between the two adaptors:2000-3200mm

The adaptors shall be prepared by user due to inner diameter difference .

Customized Test Range Available upon request.

Key Features:

Designed to test Gate,Globe,Check,Ball and Control Valves

Size range: 3’’-16’’ DN80-DN400

Pressure range: Class 150-Class2500 PN16-PN420

( Pressure to be confirmed as different customers require different pressure ,

customization services available )

Screw type without external force to the valve body

Stainless steel tubes and pipelines available

With interlock functions for safety

Testing fluid by water or air ,water with a corrosion inhibitor,

according to international valve testing& Inspection standard like API598,

API6D,MSS-SP-70,ASME B16.34,MSS SP-85,FCI 70-2 etc

Recycle water tanks

Air driven liquid booster pump(Maximator or Haskel)

Data acquisition system is available, including PLC,Touch screen,

Printer,with test graphs & reports.

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