Portable Test Bench

  • Portable Air Driven Liquid Booster Pump Hydraulic Pressure Test Stand
Portable Air Driven Liquid Booster Pump Hydraulic Pressure Test Stand

Portable Air Driven Liquid Booster Pump Hydraulic Pressure Test Stand

  • Machine Body: Stainless Steel
  • Test Medium: Liquid
  • With Liquid Booster Pump
  • Product description: Portable Air Driven Liquid Booster Pump Hydraulic Pressure Test Stand

Dory Portable Air Driven Liquid Booster Pump Test Rig  by means of pure compressed air as the driving power source, and  adopt the liquid booster pump as the pressure source Water,hydraulic oil and other liquids as the pressurized medium.

The output pressure is proportional to the driving gas pressure. By adjusting the pressure of the driving gas source, the corresponding pressure of the pressurized liquid can be obtained. When the pressure of the driving source is balanced with that of the pressurized liquid, the pneumatic booster pump will be automatically stops and the output liquid pressure is stabilized at the preset pressure. Therefore, it has the features of explosion-proof, energy saving, environmental protection, adjustable output pressure, small volume, light weight, simple operation, reliable performance and wide application range.

The fluid pressurized control cabinet has been equipped with the fluid booster pump,the drive air water filter,the pressure regulator valve, Pressure gauges and manual pressure relieve valve. The main parts of the equipment are assembled in closed stainless steel cabinet or stainless steel frames. The pressure gauge,valve and pressure regulator will be mounted on the panel. The corresponding sign will also be marked on the panel.

The ideal working high pressure can be achieved by adjusting the driving air pressure. When the driving air pressure and output pressure are balanced, The pump will automatically stop the filling pressure, and the output pressure will remain at the preset value.

The hydraulic device can be used for pressure testing of various components, research and testing institutions and industrial pressure field.

Booster pump have a variety of pressure ratios, These series of pumps are ideal choice for various hydraulic power operations. The maximum operating pressure up to 640Mpa.The structural design of the Fluid pressurized control cabinet are compact and according to the special requirement of customers, Combined the air driven fluid booster pumps,valves ,control switches and other precision accessories are assembled in the frame or closed cabinet.

The pump will stop working automatically when the output pressure reaches the preset value, The pump will start automatically when the outlet pressure drops slightly or the air drive pressure increases.

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