The importance of monitor the quality of the hydraulic oil.

First of all, we have to choose anti-wear hydraulic oil. There are many grades, such as No. 46, No. 68, No. 100. The larger the number, the higher the viscosity and the better the anti-wear performance.  Under normal circumstances, we can choose the ordinary No. 46.


Viscosity is one aspect, and the next most important thing is cleanliness. You would say that ours is the newly opened hydraulic oil. It must be clean. Tell you that it is relatively unclean. The hydraulic system There are many precision components in it, such as servo valves, which require a cleanliness not lower than grade 6. We use the best hydraulic oil, which is generally around grade 9 when unpacked, and cannot be used directly. It can only be used after the 6th level standard.


What's wrong with the oil not being clean, you ask? Just like our blood, the viscosity should not be too large, otherwise the flow rate will be too slow, the local pressure will be too high, and cerebral infarction will easily occur. Some serious large particles block important places, which will cause crisis, such as overflow valve or balance valve. , like myocardial infarction or cerebral hemorrhage in our body, etc.


HV HS series anti-low temperature hydraulic oil should be used below zero. HV low temperature hydraulic oil is mainly used in cold areas, construction machinery with large temperature changes and harsh working conditions, and medium or high pressure hydraulic systems of imported equipment and vehicles. For example, CNC machine tools, cable well pumps, and hydraulic systems such as marine machines, excavators, and large cranes, the operating temperature is below -30 degrees Celsius. L-HV hydraulic oil is selected. It has good fine-grain fluidity, good low-temperature transportability, good low-temperature start-up performance, viscosity index above 130, good viscosity-temperature performance, low temperature sensitivity, and low viscosity at low temperature. Maintain a certain viscosity at high temperature, suitable for cold environment operation.



Failure analysis of hydraulic reversing valve spool clamping (a kind of ignorance similar to viscose produced by oil)

      It is normal for the machine tool to work for one day. If the machine tool does not work for one night, there will be a jamming phenomenon in the morning of the next day. There will be a lot of ignorance similar to viscose in the valve core. After oxidation, it will produce viscous sludge or jelly, or seep into some chemical substances. At this time, the oil can be changed.





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