Some tips for purchasing the valve test benches

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      This is Yongjia Dory Machinery Co.,Ltd, We are the manufacturer of Valve test bench and valve grinding machine since the year 2009, we have been developed from a small company to a medium size valve test bench manufacturer in China, with more than 10 years experiences in valve test bench & valve grinding machine manufacturing and developing. 

     During the last 12 years working in Dory Machinery, we thank for more and more customers choose Dory brand products, we are still giving the after-sales services for the machines sold 10 years before, our customers will not lost the contact with us, our customers can easily get in touch with us by whatsapp / wechat and emails, we give online techinical solutions as soon as we saw the messages. We are really appreciated of our customers constantly support to us.   


    So we conclude our experiences of choosing the suitable valve test bench for customer references:

1.  You need to confirm which type of the valves will be tested,as different valves with different structure, like butterfly valve and ball valves, and safety valves, they are not the same type, so it is recommend to have different machines to test these valves.  However for Gate globe check valve and ball valves, due to similar body shape and similar face to face dimension, so these can be tested in one model. For wafer check valve, butterfly valves and knife gate valves also can be tested in one machine too. 

2. Second is about the sizes and pressure of the valves to be inspected and tested, the sizes and max testing pressure of the valves will affect the diameter of the hydraulic cylinder, then it is necessary for you to inform the manufacturer with detailed information of the size range and pressure range. 

3. Third , for the machine products, the spare parts brand plays a very important role in the quotation, for example, for the  vertical or horizontal valve test bench, the high pressure pump usually is by means of air driven liquid booster pump, some of the supplier they offered Chinese brand air driven liquid booster pump, ( not mention that Chinese brand also has many levels of prices & quality),  some of the manufacturer will offer Maximator or Haskel brand air driven liquid booster pump , which means these pumps are imported from Germany or USA, it means these brand pumps are international brand it is much easier for you to source in your local market if you have any problems, and of course you can contact us directly or contact Maximator or haskel after sales services to get the correct solutions,  as you can see the Chinese brand pump price will be lower compared with imported brand, this is a difference . But if you didn't look into this detail and just take a quick look about the final price and made a decision ? obviously this is not recommended. So take a look into the details of the machine, review all of the inner parts of the machines, you will see the differences. The more you checked, the easier for you to find the suitable qualified supplier , no matter for valve test bench or other products. 

Different from valve products, industrial valves are manufactured as per the international standard , the design as per API6D, the flange dimension as per ANSI B 16.10, etc, these are standard products , however the valve test bench is a different story, so you need to check all of the necessary details, like the materials of the pipeline tubes, is it carbon steel or stainless steel, it is stainless 304 or 316? The materials of check valve, it is SS304 or just carbon steel? The pressure gauges are also different in prices, the WIKA gauges are about 5 times more than the normal local brand.  So pay more attention is a good thing for you. 

When you opened the google to search some products, some beautiful website comes up, however you need to double check again if they are the manufacturers or traders,  We didn't say the traders are not good, trades has many advanges too, maybe traders can offer you very good payment, like payment in six months after receipt of the goods etc.  but there are some companies who are not the real company, which means they are not a qualified company, they even don't have the business license , then we suggest you to be careful, these fraud company may use some low prices to attract you but with very low or poor parts, as they don't have their own brand, they just look at the profit, not along the after sales services, techincal support etc. So find the trustable supplier to not only provide the quality products but with good pre-sale or after sales services, and you can get technical support lifetime. 

No matter you have our machines or not, we are always here open to you to give some techincial support of the valve testing and valve grinding.   

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