YFJ-Q Ball Valve Grinding Machine

  • Valve Ball Grinding Machine
Valve Ball Grinding Machine

Valve Ball Grinding Machine

  • Ball size:DN50-DN500
  • Multi-Tables design
  • Manul type
  • Product description: Valve Ball Grinding Machine

Valve Ball Grinding Machine

Ball Valve Grinding & Lapping Machine

Key Features:

Designed to grind a variety materials of the ball ,carbon steel, stainless steel,tungsten carbide coating etc

A105,A182 F304,A182 F316, A 182 F304L, A182 F316L, 17-4PH,MONEL, F51, ceramic balls etc .

Size range:2''-20''   DN50-DN500

Control System: Manual Type

Electrical parts: Chnt China

Hydraulic Station : Chinese brand

Door to door service available based on additional charges

Multi-Station Design Available

Model : YFJ-Q100    2'' 3'' 4''

Model : YFJ-Q200 4'' 6'' 8''

Model : YFJ-Q300   8'' 10'' 12''

Model : YFJ-Q400  12'' 14'' 16''

Model : YFJ-Q500 16'' 18'' 20''

We can customize the machine for you, please send all your details to


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