YFJ-L Vertical Valve Test Bench

  • Two Stations Valve Test Bench
Two Stations Valve Test Bench

Two Stations Valve Test Bench

  • Valve Types: Gate/Globe/Check/Ball/Control/Forged Steel Valves
  • Size Range: 2''-12'' DN50-DN300
  • Pressure Range: Class 150-Class1500
  • Valve End Type: Flanged/BW/SW/NPT
  • Product description: Vertical design,built-in booster system, vaccum system, stainless steel pipelines & tubes, fluid tray, hydraulic clamping system, easy loading and removal of the tested valves

Vertical Valve Testing Bench(Two Stations Design)

(1/2’’-8’’ DN15-DN200)

Key Features:

Designed to test Gate/Globe/Checl/Ball/Plug/Forged Steel Valves

With flanged, BW ends, SW ends, NPT thread ends

Size range: 1/2’’-8’’ DN15-DN200

Pressure range: Class 150-Class1500 PN16-PN250

( Pressure to be confirmed as different customers require different pressure ,

customization services available )

Hydraulic Clamping system with  jaws, by means of clamping flanges

with blind flange adaptors ensure the positive seals of the valve flanges.

Vertical Design with movable beam

Stainless steel tubes and pipelines available

With interlock functions for safety

Testing fluid by water or air ,water with a corrosion inhibitor,

according to international valve testing& Inspection standard like API598 etc

Recycle water tanks

Air driven liquid booster pump(Maximator or Haskel)

Data acquisition system is available, including PLC,Touch screen,

Printer,with test graphs & reports.

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