Flange Facing Machine

  • CM300 OD Mount Flange Facers 2‘’-12‘’
CM300 OD Mount Flange Facers 2‘’-12‘’

CM300 OD Mount Flange Facers 2‘’-12‘’

  • Mounted Method: ID Mounted
  • Mount Range: 50-305mm
  • Facing DIameter:50-305mm
  • Speed:20-33rpm
  • Product description: CM300 OD Mount Flange Facers 2‘’-12‘’

CM300 OD Mount Flange Facers 2''-12''

Brief Introduction:

The flange facing machine is mainly used for on-site processing of flange sealing surfaces such as flange smooth surface, water line, straight groove, RTJ sealing groove, sealing surface, heat exchanger sealing surface, etc. It can be mounted at any angle for the processing.

These robust and accurate flange facers create a continuous groove spiral serrated finish – essential for achieving leak-free connections on many types of flange joint. Our flange facers can also be configured to machine an RTJ groove for ring type joint gaskets.

Processing material: cast iron, alloy structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials

Dory flange facing machine has two types consider the mounting method, one is OD mount flange facing machines, and the other is ID mount flange facing machines. The OD ID  means the outside diameter mounted and inner diameter mounted.

Key Features

  • OD mount Installation, High Rigid Support, Suitable Big Cutting processing requirements , High efficiency
  • The tool holder angle can rotate, wide application
  • Two mode selection, Pneumatic or Electric mode
  • Feed Handwheel with scale , accuracy feeding
  • Tool Axial and radial automatic feeding with high precision
  • The tool can be adjusted in 50mm.
  • Surface roughness below Ra 0.8 um
  • Rotating Speed wide adjustable ,meet different processing requirements
  • Horizontal, Vertical, Upside, Tilting all can be installed .
  • Processing Flat face, water line, Groove etc .

Machine Model

CM300 Flange Facing Machine

Mounting Method

Outside Diameter Mounted


1.1 HP


20-43 Rpm

Net Weight


Mounting Range

2''-12'' 50-305mm

Facing Range

2''-14'' 50-305mm

Tool Travel Range



Pneumatic or Electrical or Hydraulic


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